App Store Optimization

A relatively new concept in the field of digital marketing, we explore what is ASO and how you can use it to improve the visibility of your app…

Undeniably, the realms of marketing, and particularly digital marketing, are full to figurative bursting with acronyms which can sometimes spin even the most knowledgeable and digital-savvy heads around – SEO and PPC being perfect examples of this – and, though they may seem confusing and a little alien, it’s these acronyms that will inevitably lead to an increase in sales & enquiries.


A comprehensive breakdown of what is ASO

A relatively new concept in the world of digital marketing, ASO stands for: App Store Optimisation and, put really simply, describes:

The process of improving the overall visibility of a mobile app in an App Store.

Essentially, ASO is like SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – but for Apps, not websites.

In the same way you would collate and curate your content on your website and Social Media platforms to ensure your brand gets found high up on Search Engine rankings for relevant search terms, App Store Optimisation ensures your mobile app is found at the top of relevant app searches within the store.


ASO techniques

Again, a bit like, SEO, App Store Optimisation is preoccupied with search results and top chart rankings; the former being the most powerful, and encourages downloads.

The techniques associated with ASO can be broken down into 2 key areas:

Keyword optimisation:

focusing on the relevancy, search volume, and difficulty of keywords used to search for specific apps. For example, if you have created an app for people needing to compare prices on painters & decorators in the south west, you may wish to rank for something like – painters decorators comparison Bristol.

Asset optimisation:

slightly trickier to master, this focuses on the assets associated with the marketing of your app; the icon, screenshots, reviews, and any preview videos you’ve created – anything that gives potential downloaders an idea of how your app will look and feel, and what it will achieve for them.

The 2 different App Store platforms

Just to make things a little more complex, there are 2 different platforms to cater for when thinking about optimising your mobile app:

1. Google Play (Android)

2. Apple’s App Store (iOS)

And they work very differently.

A division of Google, Google Play learns from the wonderful World Wide Web and operates on descriptions; whereas Apple is preoccupied with the media and keywords.

This difference needs to be considered for when thinking about ASO, but that’s a whole other blog on its own!

For now, it’s just important to note that App Store Optimisation is the future, and something you should absolutely be thinking about if you have one or you’re considering having one built.

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