Audio visual content is everywhere, unavoidable even!

As a medium for communication and a marketing tool it is undeniably effective. If you’re wondering whether it’s right for your business then cast your eye over our summary below. Here we’ll fill you in on the latest marketing trend and why you should be a part of it.

1. It’s impossible to avoid!

Audio visual content is here to stay, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. Film, TV, Cinema, Blu Ray, HD, it’s absolutely everywhere, there is no escaping it. If you’ve invested hundreds of hours into growing your business and establishing your brand image, then you really owe it to yourself to be at the cutting edge. Audio visual content is a big part of what makes the world go round, so do your business a favour and plug into it! If this is new ground for you, there’s no need to hesitate, as there are plenty of resources online to get you started and get your first few videos put together and published. Of course if you’d like a more tailored and personal approach, we are right here to help you every step of the way.

2. Be the one customers notice

There will always be those who fear and resist change in the economic landscape. This is a massive opportunity not to be missed. If you’re one of the first businesses in your area to use audio visual marketing to reach new customers you’ve got a big leg up on the competition. Whilst more and more business will no doubt get in on audio visual marketing in future, those who were there first will stand out. The higher ‘view-counts’ built up by getting started sooner, will act as ‘social proof’ to potential customers that your brand is the most trustworthy and established. The more potential customers trust you, the more likely you will be to receive their business and to keep receiving their business. Get a head-start over your competitors by getting started today with your own business Youtube channel.

3. Engagement is key to positive interaction

By using audio visual marketing you’re directly engaging with your customers. Nothing is more effective at building trust, and trust equals new business. Imagine if, instead of having to deal with a call centre to sort out utility bills and all of life’s other unpleasantries, you were able to have a chat with a a real person, face to face, with no queue. Wouldn’t the interaction feel so much more positive? Audio visual marketing is that, but for business and services! By making yourself more accessible to your customers you’re opening the door to more positive and therefore more profitable interactions.

4. It’s honestly quicker!

If audio visual marketing is a new idea to you, then yes, it might be a bit of a big idea to get your head around at first. But if you’re working with experienced content producers like Alloy it can actually be the quickest way to feed out new content and news about your business to your customers. Instead of planning weeks of Facebook and Twitter messages or writing lengthy posts about your services, jotting down a few key points to be delivered via a simple video can be far more time efficient. Even if you’re only working from 3 or 4 bullet points, you’ll find that once you get talking about it you’ll have plenty to say. A simple recording setup is not expensive and once you’re set up to record it can be as simple as sitting down with a cup of tea, pressing record and starting to talk. Doesn’t that sound more fun than penning a lengthy blog?

5. Become an authority

Once you’ve got a few audio visual pieces under your belt you’ll quickly become an internet authority in your area of expertise. Because of the ease of access to video content, customers and consumers are far more likely to look for videos on a given subject than text. If you’re the person or business who is regularly putting out informative and decent quality videos you will be the first name people think of when they’re looking for someone with expertise in your area. Again, it comes back to trust. When people recognise you, when they trust you know what you’re talking about, you’re the one that they will come to when they need the type of services your provide.

We are designed to receive visual content better. Our brain focuses on visual 6X times faster than text.

When we hear information, we remember only 10% of that information three days later. However if a relevant image is presented with that same information, we tend to retain 65% of that information three days later.

The best way in online marketing is to use visual methods – photos, infographics, audio and videos.

Photos: Create a compelling brand by using an impactful photo. Make your content more engaging using high quality images. Ensure the picture talks about your brand’s voice and style. It is always smart to include people in your images. To connect with your audience use images that evoke emotions. The image must show the trust and confidence that you are trying to build with your viewers.

Infographics: Simple text can be added to the photos and converted to infographics. The images can be used in the background to reinforce your point.

Publishers who use infographics get 12% more traffic compared to those who don’t.

Use effective Audio to Brand your content. 30% of the audience are auditory learners. Audio can also be a major touch point between your brand and the customer.

The benefit of using such channels is that you can reach the people during their commute and it is easily accessible. It also works out cheaper for you than other marketing tools.

Videos: We all love to watch videos. Chance of viewers to purchase a product gets 85% higher after they have watched the product video. You get full creative freedom when you make your own videos. It, no doubt, leaves a bigger impact on your audience than anything else.Creating your own video is an art. Websites like Hola Cards, animoto, powtoon, biteable, etc makes this art easy.

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