Bulk Email Markting

Bulk email campaign is a method of Internet marketing which implies sending automated emails to the group of addresses. For this type of campaign, a special software is required, the objective of which is to take every single email address from the already existing list, and to send an email to this address. The number of recipients can vary significantly, depending on the intentions of a particular campaign. These lists of recipients are created on the basis of segmentation.

If you have ever carried out a marketing campaign using traditional postal services, you know how much it costs to deliver your offer to hundreds of potential customers. When carrying out an online marketing campaign, you save both time and money. It takes days for your letters to be delivered to addressees by post but it takes your emails just a few seconds to get to the inbox. The costs of bulk email marketing are attractive, too, as you don’t pay for paper, print ink, newspaper space, postal services and skip other related charges.

Personalised emails

Have you ever thought about how much time it might take you to write personalised letters for each customer using paper and a printer? It’s difficult to give the exact answer but in the modern world it may take more time than you can afford. Email marketing agencies dispose of special software which allows you to send emails with a personal touch to each receiver: instead of the vague ‘Dear Customer’ you can insert customers’ names. Besides, software packages for bulk email marketing campaigns are equipped with templates which may help you make your campaign even more personalised

No more duplicates

No one likes receiving the same email twice. Email marketing specialists make sure that you send an email to the given address only once. Besides, software for handling email marketing campaigns has a number of other important functions. First, it tracks all sent emails and detects the bounced ones. This information is automatically stored in databases. Second, it helps compile ‘do-not-email’ lists. Third, it checks who opens your letters and clicks on the links provided. Altogether these functions may help enhance your bulk email marketing campaign performance significantly.

Opt-in mailing lists

Instead of bombing all Internet users with your offer you can deliver it to those who are really interested in using opt-in mailing lists. Opt-in emails come as newsletters, special offers, promotions, etc. and can be requested by Internet users on websites they frequent. When customers don’t want to receive the required emails, they can easily opt out from mailing lists. Opt-in and opt-out mailing helps deliver your offer to the interested parties without wasting time and efforts on sending it to those who can delete it without reading.

Bulk email campaigns have several advantages


Cost of a bulk email campaign is much lower than the cost of a traditional advertising, which includes television, radio and printed advertisements


You can monitor the effectivity of your bulk email campaign with the help of the following metrics: email open rate, click-through rate.


Segmentation allows to make emails personalized, that makes your subscribers trust you

Spamming Monitoring

You can easily monitor the invalid email addresses

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