E-Commerce Web Design

The phenomenon of conducting any sorts of transactions with the help of electronic communication technology such as the Internet, e-books, e-mail, extranets, mobile phone , and databases if popularly known as "E-Commerce".

Here are some of the features that our custom ecommerce solution will have:
  • Home Page
  • Other static pages of the website.
  • Logos and Banners |
  • Search catalog for products or manufacturers
  • A very user friendly and search engine friendly "Shopping Cart".
  • Product reviews by customers
  • E-mail notifications
  • Payment Gateway Integration (e.g. Paypal/Credit Card)
  • Secure transactions with SSL
  • A very User Friendly "Admin" section.
  • Various report generation on the site.
  • Payment gateway integration

The online transactions that occur can be anything ranging from selling, buying, distributing, and marketing of products over the internet. Basically any type of transactions between companies and customers (B2C) and between companies (B2B) can be categorized under E-commerce.

Step involved in building an E-Commerce site

Creation of a shopping cart »Integration of the Payment Gateway with the Website

"E-Business is more than E-Commerce"

we strictly believe in the principle that "Success of any company lies in the success of its customers accompanied with customer's satisfaction". We have worked with world class corporate houses and leading brands across the globe from different industries mastering the Art of "consistency in quality"

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