FM/Radio Advertising

Radio is an all- pervasive medium with a reach of 90% in India. The main advantage of its geographic flexibility because of local coverage, segmented audiences and relatively inexpensive advertisement rates and production costs. First radio ad appeared in 2001 and ever since it has grown to almost 5% of total marketing expenditure on popular Indian radio channels like Radio Mirchi, Red FM etc.

Significance of this way of marketing is that you have control on the frequency with which your message gets delivered to radio listeners and another being that you reach your prospective customers anytime of the day or night. Radio industry has lot of competitive channels but each of them target specific group of audience hence making it immensely approachable way to advertise.

Each radio station is operated with specific market segments in mind, so despite there being many radio stations nationwide there are particular stations that target your specific market. In the car, at the office, in the garden you can reach your customer on the radio throughout the day or night. This increases the frequency that your message can be delivered. Advertising works by repetition. You may need to be exposed to a commercial three or four times before you take action.

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